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Let us keep your website up and running for you!

Let us fully manage your technical updates and ensure your website is running at its very best. The website management team at A Nerd’s Place specializes in Hosting and Maintaining WordPress websites. Companies of all sizes rely on our website management expertise to keep their websites secure and effective.

What’s included with

Full Managed Hosting + SSL

Our fully-managed hosting includes free SSL certificates for added security. Additionally, we maintain basic backups of your site, ensuring that you can quickly recover in case of any corruption. If you already have your own hosting, don’t worry we can still assist with managing it. No need to switch providers!

Website Fixes & Troubleshooting

From time to time, your website may encounter issues. Rest assured, we’ll promptly address broken components and troubleshoot any issues to ensure your site remains visually appealing and functions seamlessly. Monthly audits also help us detect broken links and other issues, which we promptly resolve.

WordPress plugin & theme updates

We keep all theme files, plugins, and extensions up to date with the most recent releases. We’ll ensure your site up and running 100% of the time.

Backup, security, & vulnerability protection

Round-the-clock protection, with regular vulnerability analysis to make sure your — and your customers’ — data is always secure.

Managed by real people, not machines

We use real people to assess your site, because we believe a human touch can’t be replicated with a machine. We don’t rely solely on an automated analysis.

Malware cleanup & removal

Malware happens, that’s a fact. Our expert team is on-hand to clean up your site and get it back online swiftly, so you can get back to serving customers.


Our Website Hosting & Management plans are custom tailored to fit the needs of your website.

Starting at $50/mo

Please contact us for specific pricing


Here are some of our most frequently answered Hosting & Management questions and answers.

What is website management?

Website management involves many activities including software updates, data backup, website hosting and content updates.

It might also include SEO work, software development, content development, visitor analysis and much more.

Most businesses should actively manage their website to get the best business benefit from it.

What are website management services?

Website management services include strategy, web design, content planning and SEO, and technical aspects such as hosting, backups and software updates. We custom tailor our hosting packages to meet each client’s specific needs.

Why is maintaining your website important?

A website can be a valuable asset for a business or organization, and a lack of maintenance could result in the site being lost.

As a website is often the first place a person looks when they need information about an organization, keeping the site maintained is very important.

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